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Coming soon in Butterflive

It has been a great deal of work to release the first version of Butterflive, but we are keeping a rapid development pace.
I want to share here with you what will be coming in the next months.

Easier installation

Although we made a lot of efforts to keep the installation process easy, you still have to install the Butterflive Tracking code files on your server, and we know this can be tricky on some environments. So the major update we are working on will be to get rid of the Butterflive Tracking code file!

Internationalizing a Javascript script

Lately, while working on Butterflive, I was faced with the challenge of internationalising a pure Javascript module. Using the usual server-side techniques to provide translation was not an option.

Basically, I wanted to easily provide a chat window with messages that would be translated automatically depending on the browser's locale.

Managing HTML / Flash overlay problems

I'm currently working on a live video-chat solution named Butterflive (more on that later).

The chat window is a div with absolute positionning. When the chat window was moved above a flash video (a SWF), I noticed strange results (see below).

You can see that some parts of the chat window are going above and some parts are going below the Flash movie.

I tried to tweak the zindex CSS property without any success.

Actually, the problem comes from Flash.